FAO Cassava Project

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The FAO Cassava Project is an initiative aimed at boosting the cassava industry. It was designed to demonstrate improved technology for the production of cassava. Since its inception demonstration plots have been established in Grenada, Guyana and most recently one is being planned for in Jamaica. CARDI initially contacted the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries hence RADA being the implementing agency for the project. A pilot plot has been established in North East St. Elizabeth through the Bright River Co-operative. A 900 sq ft of space was refurbished to house a propagation shed, on lands occupied by the Bright River Co-operative, in Brighton, St Elizabeth.

Two acres of cassava has been established, manually in February 2015. Treated 4-node cuttings were utilized in the crop establishment activities. The CM 849 variety was introduced in the area for the first time. The aim of this pilot project is to gather relevant information as it relates to cassava production, and to make this information available to other farmers who intend to plant cassava, and act as a stimulus to the cassava industry.